Supporting and purchasing the film titled “Pressure” in Theatres coming February 10th 2012 and in the near future on demand via internt/ DVD….you are supporting the campaign for “LIFE”

Pressure Entertainment Inc. will make a change with our young generation world wide…and it starts here!!!

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the “LIFE” Foundation is to discover and advance inventive and effective ways of helping children world wide. The LIFE foundation will be a way to find innovative ways to help children succeed in life by creating resources that will help them exceed in their goals and accomplishments. Pressure Entertainment Inc. and the “LIFE” foundation will seek and develop effective ways of helping people help themselves and those around them lead productive and satisfying lives. It’s very simple, “LIFE” is about making the right choices. Everyone has a choice no matter the circumstances. We all possess the same power and that is “FREE WILL.” When we teach our young generation to make all the right choices in life, you are not just only showing them the correct path, you are giving them life. Whatever our adolescents are taught, they will then pass it down.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to either accept donations/ contributions and use the percentage of the proceeds from any of our products including our present film entitled “Pressure” and contribute towards positive programs and children world wide.

1. Starting film curriculums so children can express their views and or experiences in life through the lens as film being not only a medium but a voice.
2. Build programs, schools and free education for all who want and should further their education.
3. Build water pipelines for countries that lack clean water. Having simple life sustaining necessities can help change people’s perspective on life. Without water…Nothing can live or grow.
4. Build homes for families around the world.
5. Create jobs here an in other countries so that families can contribute to society which in turn can create a powerful family bond so that children can learn and can be part in a strong household.

As Pressure Entertainment continues to succeed, you will see documentation of our success in the campaign for life. So follow and watch us make a change or become a partner with us for change.

This is where the campaign for “Life” begins…at Pressure Entertainment Inc.

In the near future, we will find out…That it cost nothing to do anything.